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Pennie Ticen, the 2000 Champion.

Luke Hardt, the 2001 Champion.

Michael Patton, the 2002 Champion.

The 2002 panel.

Steve Parker, 2003 Champion.

The 2003 panelists.

Mike Hardig ('99), PennieTicen ('00), Michael Patton ('02) and Michael Sterner ('98)

Luke Hardt ('01) getting a big reaction from the crowd.

Wilson Fallin, 2004 Champion.

The Dreaded Timer.

The 2006 Champion trying to retire undefeated.

Why did the chicken cross the ocean?

Dr.Joe Walsh heroically defends Education.

Dean William Rupp gets Business's motor running.

Jon Smith--2007 winner as Devil's Advocate.

2005 Champion Zack Foster

2009 Champion Benton Tyler

Big Picture

The Whole Shooting Match

Cedric Norman

Cedric Norman

The Crowd 2009

The 2009 Crowd

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