Thursday, October 21, 2004
First Debate held in Palmer Hall

Stephen Parker‑Sociology
Sherry Ford‑Communication Arts
Jon Smith‑English
Houston Byrd‑Chemistry
Jackie Nuby–Counseling, Leadership and Foundations
Wilson Fallin‑History

MCs: Mike Kitchen and Elmo Ranelli

And the Oar goes to...

Wilson Fallin! Yes, History’s own Dr. Fallin takes the Oar before the largest crowd ever at a Life Raft Debate. Dr. Fallin, who someone called "an unstoppable juggernaut of rhetoric" (ok, I called him that) outlasted the acerbic wits of Steve Parker (Sociology) and Jon Smith (English), the scandalizing procreation references of Sherry Ford (Communication Arts), and the promises of food, water, clothing and fireworks by Houston Byrd (Chemistry) to win before a crowd of over 500 people in Palmer last night. Jackie Nuby (Foundations, Counseling and Leadership)), who was scratched from the field because of a prior engagement, got 6 votes without even being there. Imagine how she would have done if she were present...

The night was by turns funny and serious, sarcastic and sincere. The debate showed, as usual, that there is as much professors from different fields agree on as there is that they disagree about, and that the commitment to a Liberal Arts education couldn’t be any stronger than it is in Montevallo. There was a snack-filled preception (because people got into the food before the debate started, and the Oar descended form on high for the final presentation just before 9 pm.