Thursday, September 27, 2001

Pennie Ticen‑English
Leonidas Donskis‑Interdisciplinary Studies
Stephen Parker‑Anthropology
Mark Holcombe‑‑Philosophy
Lauren McKay‑Education
Luke Hardt‑‑Theater

MC: Mike Kitchen

And the Oar goes to...

Luke Hardt!

During the debate, the audience portrayed all humankind remaining on Earth after a catastrophe. There was one empty space on the life raft. The contestants competed to see who would get the spot by sharing their talents and how their knowledge of their respective fields would be essential in rebuilding the new world.

This year’s contestants were defending champion Pennie Ticen, English; Leo Donskis, Interdisciplinary Studies; Luke Hardt, Theatre; Mark Holcombe, Philosophy; Lauren McCay, Education; and Stephen Parker, Anthropology.

This year’s winner was Luke Hardt, assistant professor of Communication Arts. After a three-year winning streak for the College of Arts and Sciences, Hardt stole bragging rights for the College of Fine Arts.