Andrea Eckleman--Political Science
Brendan Beal--Social Work
Susan Caplow--Environmental Studies Heather Tinsley--Biology
Andrea Eckleman--Political Science

MC Michael Patton

And the Oar goes to...

Yes, I know we’re all getting tired of this answer, but it is

Scott Varagona as Devil’s Advocate!

In a commanding performance that was free of actual attacks or insults (but not implied ones) and a 20-year retrospective, Dr. Varagona edged out returning champion Andrea Eckelman (Political Science), Brendan Beal (Social Work), Susan Caplow (Environmental Studies) and Heather Tinsley (Biology). The debate was lively and spirited, and the voting was close, but in the end, Scott climbed aboard the raft for a record third time.

You can watch the video at

Thanks for the many people who helped make this possible! See you next Founders’ Day!