Tuesday, September 28, 1999
First use of Sound Meter

Michael Sterner‑Mathematics
Maryann Zeanah‑Kinesiology
Kelly Jolley‑Philosophy (Auburn U.)
Stephen Parker‑Sociology
Jon Radwan ‑Communication Arts
Mike Hardig‑Biology

MC: Jim Fahy

And the Oar goes to...

Mike Hardig!

In defending his title in the Second Annual Life Raft Debate, Michael Sterner reiterated math’s importance to everyday life, science and to understanding and seeing the beauty of the natural world.

Maryann Zeanah claimed that knowing kinesiology would make us fit and able to deal with the physical stress of the new world we face and also that good physical fitness is good for mental health as well. These are vital parts to survival in the new world.

Kelly Jolley began by thanking the audience for having already decided in favor of philosophy, since by even having a debate, the audience had selected argument, a part of Philosophy and so admitted its crucial value. He went on to argue tht everything depended on philosophical argument and analysis, so that it was unthinkable that we would ever leave philosophy behind.

Jon Radwan argued that communication, or lack thereof, was what led us to the disaster we were now facing.

Mike Hardig said that as a botanist, he would keep the survivors from eating poisonous plants while he re-established agriculture, a vital part of society that require his specialized knowledge. Also, many medicinal plants abound, and he could identify those as well. Finally, he pointed out that he know how to brew beer.

Stephen Parker argued that his knowledge of the vast variety of ways people have lived together gave him the ability to help us choose a new society that would be free of the forces that led us to destroy ourselves. Since conflicts arise at the level of societal forces, changing society is what is required, and only he had the knowledge required to pull this off.