Carey Heatherly--Library Science
Harley Quinn (Erin Chandler)--English
Kyle Moore--Theater
Andrea Eckleman--Political Science

MC: Scott Varagona

And the Oar goes to...

Andrea Eckelma
n, defending Political Science. And she didn’t even have to “whip that Mexican thing out”! In a hard-fought debate, expertly moderated by Moderator/Devil’s Advocate Scott Varagona.  Panelists Carey Heatherly (Archives), Harley Quinn (as interpreted by Erin Chandler, English) and Kyle Moore (Theater) all tried to win the audience’s votes with their passionate defenses of their respective disciplines, but in the end, Dr. Eckelman prevailed! In person and on Twitter nearly 500 votes were cast by an audience of 600+ people.

The vote count was close, the competitors fierce and the debate fun. The good time guaranteed to all was delivered, thanks to the participants and audience, and now it’s time to start prepping for the 20th Annual Life Raft Debate, which is just 364 days away… Look for a complete account of the debate at and if you missed the show, you can watch it at x