First Case of Defending Champion Chickening Out
First Live Webcast
First Votes Cast by Text Message
First Victory by Devil's Advocate

Alexander Bruce—Literary Studies
Jim Day—History 
Michelle Duran-McLure—Art History
William Rupp—Business
Joe Walsh—Instruction
Philip C. Williams—College Administration
Jon Smith--Devil's Advocate

MC: Mike Kitchen

And the Oar goes to...


That’s right! Davy Jones’s Locker now has six new residents, as the Devil’s Advocate carried the day and sent Bill Rupp, Michelle Duran-McLure, Alexander Bruce, Joe Walsh, Jim Day and Zorro the Lovable Puppy to a watery grave.

In a razor-sharp and scathing assault, Jon Smith took on every sacred cow from Wilson Fallin to cooking in an appeal to bring the intellectual content back to the Life Raft Debate. Decrying the prop-comic feel of the motorcycle riding, costume wearing and reliance on visual aids, Dr. Smith called for return to arguments, apparently so he could skip writing a lecture for one class per year. After burning all the bridges he could find by eviscerating past Life Raft Debate luminaries (except me), Jon then punctured the Life Raft itself and watched the panelists tread water until they dropped.

The panelists did not go down easily.

Bill Rupp stressed leadership and strategy.

Michelle Duran–McLure claimed the near-omniscience of all Art Historians.

Joe Walsh claimed that without education, the masses would always be enslaved by the elite.

Alexander Bruce stressed the importance of story-telling, and pointed out that the stories that define us precede everything else.

Jim Day told us that we must use knowledge of history to avoid the cyclical nature of Life Raft disasters that seem to keep assailing us, and Zorro the Loveable Puppy made a series of incomprehensible noises when queried.

Emcee Mike Kitchen wielded quick wit and a ready gong mallet, keeping the evening moving along well, and in the end, the audience in the SAC and on the Web cast their votes and sealed the fates of the panelists.